The construction begins with the gluing of the Wing halves.

The faces of the wings that are in contact with each other are coated with eagle owl pores. After 10 minutes of airing, the side surfaces are also coated with adhesive and the halves are immediately joined together.

The rudder surfaces are chamfered at the lower edge with a sharp knife and tapered at the lower edge with a transparent packing tape.

Wing struck. The 3-part motor mount is plugged together, with 5-minute connection. Epoxy secured and then glued to the wing with epoxy. Make sure that it lies flat on the top and on the front face. Wooden slat with 5-minute-light Glue epoxy into the wing recess and glue it on both sides with transparent tape

Reinforce the contact surfaces of the wing on both sides with transparent band. The streamer attachment and the rear fuselage surface are coated with eagle owl por and pressed together at the rear after the fuselage has been ventilated. Now the fuselage is coated on the surfaces with eagle owl por, which have contact with the wing and the engine mounts and after that the fuselage has to be cleaned.

Aeration on the wing centered glued to the wing.

The CFRP flat bar is glued to the front area of the wing with transparent tape. The wing is reinforced at the top and bottom with at least two strips of transparent tape on each edge to stabilize the wing.

Now the shell is finished and the RC components can be installed. The two servos are glued at the top of the front of the fuselage, after having cut corresponding recesses at these points with a sharp knife. The regulator and receiver are located at the bottom of the fuselage. A battery cable extension may be required for the battery in the front.

The cut-out for the battery is cut out of the battery holder with a sharp knife. The position and size depends on the battery and the weight. For this reason, the motor and all RC components are installed and the battery is moved until the center of gravity is correct. Then the recess is attached to the determined position.

The front surfaces of the battery holder are coated with eagle owl por and after the venting centrically at the bottom front of the battery holder.

Wing glued. Attach the battery holder additionally with adhesive tape.

The two horns are equipped with 5-minute-switching. Epoxy glued to the rudder surfaces after a slit 5 mm from the edge was made with a sharp knife.

The frontal surfaces of the fin below and the parts of the fuselage that are in contact with the surfaces are coated with eagle owl por. After flash-off, the side surfaces are coated with adhesive and the fin is immediately inserted into the fuselage and firmly pressed downwards. After 10 minutes, the fuselage is compressed from the sides.

Instruction TIPP:

In case of doubt, glue the glued surfaces with eagle owl porn wet, as this leaves more time for positioning! Please allow at least 10 minutes for drying afterwards.

by Lucky K.

AliX was developed especially for the rough use in the AirCombat. Shifting the engine and electronics to the well-protected mid-range fuselage and the reinforcement measures predestine the AliX for the perfect aerial combat sportsman.

Crashes he puts away well, damaged areas are quickly repaired and he can immediately play in the combat again.

In aerial combat, it is extremely agile and gives off an unmistakable image in the air with its arrow-shaped appearance. A feast for the eyes of spectators and pilots.

AliX reacts very fast and precise to control commands and is therefore very agile. In all speed ranges it lies very well in the "track" and flies like on rails. A special kind of

Flight characteristic is its perfect tear-off behaviour. When it gets critical, Alix just takes his nose down a little bit and is good.

It is very windproof. It can also be steered well in high winds without drifting too much.

In critical situations you simply switch off the engine and pull the rudder flaps upwards at full speed. This allows it to sink down to the ground in a controlled manner without tipping over, horizontally and slowly. This is so gentle that nothing breaks.

Thanks to its compact dimensions in delta form and its robustness, AliX is an always flying pilot who can also cope well with rough handling, such as in the passenger car luggage compartment.

Have fun with AliX.